Good character defines who we are, how we act, and what we believe is the right way to do business.

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Remarks of Ken Asbury at the National Capital Area Council Technology "Good Scout" Award Luncheon
October 7, 2014

Thank you very much, Paul, and good afternoon, everyone.

It is a great honor to be here today to receive the Technology "Good Scout Award." CACI Cares is proud to support such an upstanding organization as the Scouts. But more than that, I am excited to see so many people supporting technology and Scouting.

Technology's role in the world today is impossible to overstate. Computers, computer networks, and communications power everything that make our lives possible. From the latest addictive app to the most advanced communication satellites, technology is essential to both enjoying our way of life, and to securing our way of life.

It is fantastic that the Boy Scouts are putting so much time and energy into promoting technology skills. The Boy Scouts already have merit badges in programming, robotics, computers, and game design; and I understand that further badges are planned in computer aided design and advanced computing.

I'm in the technology business myself, and I know how vitally important it is for the United States that young people develop a facility with, and interest in, technology early in their lives. As Samantha said, there are still many things waiting to be discovered, and today's youth are tomorrow's scientists. The longer a person has, and develops, skills with technology, the more readily they will be able to discover, adapt, and innovate. For our country to maintain its economic, political, and military edge, and for the world to advance its knowledge, we have to be able to innovate and solve problems as they come up.

Technology, alone, however essential it is, still needs people for it to function. And just as important as innovation is the character, ethics, and integrity of the people that use it it. Scouting's core mission of developing young men and women of strong character is critical to the continued security and prosperity of our country.

From its founding, Scouting has been as much about creating citizens and leaders of unimpeachable integrity and upright character as it has been about learning valuable skills. I still remember Scout Law and the Scout Oath from my own time as a scout growing up. The promise, on my honor, to be trustworthy, loyal, and helpful, among other virtues, has stayed with me, and been an important part of my own career.

At CACI, the character of our people distinguishes us in our markets. We know good character is a key to our success. Like the Scouts, we have a credo, the set of principles that defines how we do business.

CACI's credo and the ethics of scouting are very similar. We promise to do our best, providing quality services and solutions to our clients. Our company strives to respect individuals, and provide opportunities for advancement and achievement. We instill integrity and excellence in everything we do, and we strive to create distinction in the markets that we serve.

And, finally, there is patriotism. The scouts create good citizens, young men and women dedicated to helping our country through thick and thin. Similarly, CACI is driven by our commitment to the high-priority missions of our customers in the military, Intelligence Community, and civilian federal services. We know that by staying ever vigilant, just as the Scouts are always prepared, we can help support our country through the dangers that face it.

Thank you very much, again, for this award, and thank you to the National Capital Area Scout Council for all the work that you do to promote technology and good character in today's scouts.



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