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Statement from The Penguin Press 5/1/05

CACI Headquarters - Arlington, VA

At pages 191-192, "Inside the Wire: A Military Intelligence Soldier's Eyewitness Account of Life at Guantanamo" by Erik Saar and Viveca Novak, erroneously states that civilian interrogators hired through an army contract with CACI were in Guantanamo Bay. The book also describes the activities of two contract interrogators. CACI has unequivocally stated that it had no involvement in any interrogation operations at Guantanamo and that it had no relationship whatsoever with the civilian contract interrogators involved in the use of the interrogation techniques discussed in the book. The Penguin Press and the authors acknowledge and regret the error. In addition, The Penguin Press and the authors are taking a number of corrective actions, including inserting erratum slips in Penguin's remaining copies of the book, providing erratum slips to Penguin's accounts for insertion into books that have already been shipped, and advising media organizations that will be interviewing the authors of the error. Future printings will be corrected to address the error.

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