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Iraq Detainee Lawsuits Update - 12/19/07

CACI Headquarters - Arlington, VA

This week, plaintiffs' counsel in the Iraq detainee lawsuits that CACI has been litigating filed an amended complaint. This complaint is a rehash of the original lawsuit filed several years ago. The plaintiffs' counsel continues to distort the facts and add irrelevant and unsubstantiated claims in order to keep this lawsuit in the public eye. A copy of the statement we provided to the media follows.

"CACI totally rejects and denies all of the plaintiffs' allegations and claims in their amended legal filing of Dec. 17, 2007. These accusations and allegations in their latest and ever-changing lawsuit are a rehash of their original baseless submissions.

"The attempt by plaintiffs' counsel to portray CACI as engaged in a conspiracy to abuse detainees is unmitigated fiction perpetrated by plaintiffs' counsel as part of their "big lie" propaganda campaign to keep their lawsuit afloat and their personal political agendas in the public light. The plaintiffs are attempting to prosecute the same restated, reformulated, and related claims that were frivolous when first filed and which remain to this day frivolous and maliciously false. Three and one-half years after filing their original complaint, not one of the more than 200 plaintiffs has connected their generic allegations of abuse to any CACI personnel.

"No CACI employee or former employee has been charged with any misconduct in connection with CACI's interrogation work in Iraq. From day one, CACI has rejected the outrageous allegations of this lawsuit and will continue to do so. CACI has unequivocally renounced any abuse of detainees in Iraq and has cooperated fully in all government inquiries relating to detainee abuse. CACI intends to vigorously pursue all of its legal alternatives to defend itself and vindicate the company's good name. CACI does not condone or tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior by any employee when engaged in CACI business.

"We remain proud of our work in Iraq and our other efforts to help in the war against terrorism. We believe that our nation owes a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of CACI employees who have risked their lives to support the U.S. mission in Iraq. And we are eternally grateful to the men and women in uniform who sacrifice every day to protect our freedom."

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